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sometimes im like “wow im gay” but other times i’m like “i need to be gayer”

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School is in Session (Closed rp with thehalfbloodprofessor)



Loki straightened her skirts, wrapped her robes around her slender frame.  There were still several moments until class began, and she was standing outside of the classroom.  She could hear them talking about her, see the sly glances out of the corners of her eyes.  She pulled her scarf a bit tighter around her face to hide the blush, cursing the fact that her heritage had come out.  For once, she wanted to be out of Thor’s shadow, away from the blood that sustained and stained her.  She just wanted to be Loki, and only Loki.  Was it so much to ask for?  Sighing, she rested against the wall beside the classroom door.

Snape growled at the noise outside of his classroom.

They were murmuring about the Loki girl no doubt. He’d dealt with divines before and no problem with the civil ones.

He sighed to himself, rubbing his temples attempting to mentally prepare himself to break up the chatter outside of his door.

He slammed the door of the class open, causing the students nearest to it to scatter in terror. And of course there was silence.

He didn’t use a word to get bodies moving. He just thumbed roughly to the doorway.

But he paused suddenly.

"A word Ms. Odinsdottir.” he said, glaring to halt the whispers and giggles when the name was uttered.

Oh, Norns.  What had she been blamed for this time?  She looked up, almost preparing for the tongue lashing she was about to get for someone else’s pranking.  Walking to the professor, she nodded to him in what she hoped was a regal manner, full-prepared now.  “Sir?  Did I do something wrong?”  She knew she hadn’t, and was ready to argue that fact to the last.  “I have just been waiting for class to start, I swear this.  I did nothing wrong, and if I was accused, he or she who accused me is merely using my name as an excuse.”  She was rambling, and she blushed again, trying to pull her scarf around her face again.

{ falling down into our deepest dreams }



The guard nearly beat down her door in an attempt to rouse her from her studies, and she sighed.  Thor must want something if they were knocking so hard.  Standing up, she opened the heavy wooden doors, offering a scathing glare at the guard that now wilted beneath her stare, informing her that Thor did, indeed, want to see her.

She sighed again; she had been lost in her books and scrolls, and now that she had been pulled from the world she was lost in, she was once again in her own mind and body.  Amazing how books could do that.  In her delicate condition, she could perform very few taxing spells, and she had to be careful of things that would harm the two of them.  It was bothersome, but worth it.  

The passing of their father had been a strain on the expectant mother and her child, but the grief was even worse.  Though he had not been a good father, and though he had used her and all but thrown her aside, she mourned his passing in her own way.  She felt more free, lighter, and more calmed now that Thor held the throne; there was no way she desired the obvious stress that came with holding it.  She was sure that at least Thor would not have her do the things that their father had requested, especially now that she held his child within her body.  

Another sigh, and she opened the doors to the throne room.  “Yes, Thor?  You wished to see me in such an obvious hurry?” 


The golden king rose at once at her entrance, striding easily towards her until they were quite close. “My queen…” He knew quite well that such an endearing term might rankle with her, seeing as she was not yet queen of anything, and since he had called her such for the benefit of the guards which might overhear, “… are you well today?” Yet he called her so in a hopeful sort of way, for such a role was what he had in mind for her to claim.

He couldn’t resist smiling at the sight of her, for as strange as their relationship had been at its formation, the knowledge that she willingly would bear his child - that she loved him - were enough to get him through this trying time. Surely, though their love had been born from darker desires, there was happiness to be won.

Her ears flicked back in an almost feline way at the nickname, for that was all it would ever be, to be sure.  Thor was the king, and she the princess of nothing, of a kingdom that her brother ruled fully.  For what need did he have of an impregnated trickster, one whose magic was tested due to the new addition inside of her.  She sighed, rolling her eyes at him and smirking.  “As well as can be expected, brother dearest.”  She could fight back, and reminding him of their odd relationship could easily be one of those ways.  Not that he cared, the oaf.  “I am with child, and here you sit on your throne.  It would appear you have everything in order, your highness.”

And yet, she loved him.  Loved the way of him, the scent of him, the very essence of him.  The darkness which had brought their child into creation was past, and he had paid dearly for it in looks and in her very anger and angst for too long.  There was love there, and if there would be anything else, there was that.  “Have you not got a kingdom to run?  Whatever do you need me for?”

Waking Up In Vegas



"H-how you wanted…"  She looked down at him, shifting a bit so that she could properly see him.  "How you wanted to take me?" 

Loki was always a swift one, and his comment had not gone unnoticed.  Understanding it, even processing it was a different matter.  She could scarcely believe what he had said, and it shocked her to the very core.  Had he been harboring the same thoughts as she had? 

"Brother…?  What do you mean?  How did you want to…take me?"  She couldn’t let herself hope too much, but her heart was fluttering with delight, threading her fingers through his hair.  "Thor.  Look at me.  Look at me, brother."

He didn’t look up at her. Thor just couldn’t yet. He only let his hands clench at her clothes. Of course she would act his slip. Loki was too clever not to. “I-” It was like a lump formed in his throat. 

"In a way a brother should never wish to have his sister." Thor’s nose grazed over Loki’s shirt as he inhaled her scent. Almost unable to believe how close they were. "Gently. With love. Tender movements. Sober… Where in the morning I could remember." 

Finally he looked up, his eyes meeting with his sisters. “Not like this Loki. Never like this.”

"Then show me, brother.  Thor.  Show me how you would have done it if you could do it again.  Please.  Take back time, show me how it should have been done." 

She buried her face in his hair, threaded her fingers through it as she kissed the top of his head.  Perhaps it was eager and bold of her to demand such a thing, but when had she not been bold?  Finally, she drew back a bit, lifting his face so she could look at him.  “Show me how you wanted to take me, Thor.  Show me so that I can remember your warmth, the scent of you, the look on your face as you love me.  Show me so that I can see you, so that you can see the pleasure you give me, so that you might remember the day that we became more than just brother and sister, show me what you look like on the day we become one.” 

It was said with a breathy wonder, a slight hint of desire in her tone.  How could she want this, how could he?  How could this be the only thing that mattered right now?  Yet it was, and she wanted only to remember it.

M!A: The Urge












Whether or not they were aware of it before, the muse now has a mating season and it’s open. For the next (anon decides) the muse will be driven crazy with the need to go forth and make babies or shag themselves exhausted trying.

She was warm, so much warmer than she would have liked to have been, and her clothing was grating against her skin.  Damn it all, what WAS this bothersome feeling? 

Her face was flushed, and she felt every little thing that brushed against her tenfold.  And to make matters worse were the erm…other issues.  The accelerated heart rate, the languid feeling, the desire that was churning inside of her. 

Yes, this WAS an annoyance, and as far as she knew, her brother had never had this…this disease.  Perhaps she should ask someone, it could be a sickness that could be cured, but she was so truly embarrassed by the situation that she was unsure of what to do.  Perhaps it would go away, perhaps…oh…oh, there it was again.  The surge of need, of want, and it was driving her mad.  Perhaps she should seek to bed someone as Thor did, just to solve her little problem.

Tony had met Loki once before. So he knew what she looked like. So when he happened apon her in what seemed like pain he bit his lip and walked up behind her placing a soft hand on her shoulder. “Hey you ok there? You look pretty messed up.” He said wondering if he should go find Thor or something in this matter. If she was sick Tony knew shit about how Asgardin bodys worked.

She started at the touch, almost melting into his hand as she felt him.  Oh, damn.  Unable to stop herself, she moaned quietly as she looked up at him, her eyes already dark.  “Stark.  I…hello.  H-how are you?” 

It was almost impossible for her to think straight, her mind whirling with ideas of how she could satisfy her needs, replacing Tony with the faceless person in her imagination.  “Please excuse me, I am not feeling myself at the moment, you…never mind.  I apologize.  You look well.”  She was rambling, and her breath was stuttered.  Shivering slightly, she swallowed hard.  She could easily just request him to assist her, surely he would not mind?  “Stark, I wonder if you are available.”

Tony saw the look in her eyes and he was unsure what to make of it. but he didn’t drop his hand from her shoulder even as she turned around and he just smiled at her as she stummbled over her words. “Its ok. I’m here to help. What do you need?” He asked with a large smile thinking maybe she was lost or something not thinking at all what her problem was in this istance.

"I…f-find myself with a problem.  Apparently I have come down with a…a disorder, of sorts."  Yes, good job.  Make it sound dire.  "No, that isn’t how I meant it.  Rather, a condition.  Er.  I need your help with something, and you must promise it stay between us.  I need you.  I need you to ah…"  She was shaking, her palms damp as she wrung her skirts.  "I need you.  I need you touch me, please.  I am unused to speaking like this, but it seems to be a bit of an issue at the moment.  I promise to deal with whatever happens later, but for now, please!  I could not bear you to turn me away now!"  There.  She had put it out there, and it was up to him to oblige her or not. 

Tony tilted his head as she talked trying to understand it all as she did and he bit his lip really not understanding what she ment by touching but had a pretty good Idea. So when she finally stopped he reached out and pulled her closer running his hands down her body lightly. “Like this?” he asked leaning in and breathing down her neck. “Or do you need more?”

"You know what I need, Sta - Tony.  I need more, I need so much more.  Please…"  His touch only fueled her need, and she trembled beneath his hands.  Her back arched, and she all but presented herself to him.  "T-Tony…please…"  She was breathing quickly again, shifting a bit closer to him and tried to press against him.  "I need you to bed me."  Wanton and needy, her voice was breathy.  "Need you, please…I have seen the programmes, you were the only one I could come to without being mocked about my desires.  I have s-seen you, seen how you are with women.  That is what I need right now, please."  That sounded rude.  "I apologize, I…I just wish for more."

Tony knew what she ment but to hear it from her lips just made the man a bit taking for a loop. Something was wrong of course. “Alright” He said. He had taken planety of wemon to bed before and so she shouldn’t be any different right. Well most didn’t have a big hunking hammer weilding brother that my or my not smash him over the head with if he did this. Though she looked so desprate in his arms. So after thinking it over for a long moment he finally scooped her up into his arms and started for the bedroom. “I’ll do it.But Thor won’t know I did this alright” He said and laid her down on the bed before making himslef comfortable inbetween her legs and started to slowly undress her.

"T-Thor is not my keeper, nor do I report to him on everything I do. Or anything you do. Understood?"  And finally, he was stripping her, and it made her almost vibrate with how much she needed it.  She looked up at him through her lashes and smiled, parting her legs for him further as she bit her lip.  "Nor does he need to know what is happening with me right now, I fear that he would not understand.  And if this were to be a thing that happens more than once, well."  With that, she licked her lips.  "That entirely depends on you, I would say."

A shiver ran down his spine as she spoke. On one hand he Really. REALLY wanted to do this. Just saying Thor’s sister was well. Hot. Really hot. and more then once? Oh he might have gone to heaven. but still the fear of Thor one day bareing in and seeing his dick up inside her made him fear for his life. “Well then. It will be our little secert” He said softly before he managed to get his clothes off her and he leaned forward to take one of her breast in his mouth.

"Yes, our little secret.  Hopefully not that little, mind you.  Now - oh!"  As he took her nipple into his mouth, she moaned with pleasure, her hips moving slightly.  Her mouth fell open and she whimpered, shivering with need as she looked at him.  No, not little at all. 

"Now please, hurry and touch me, I need it, I…I do not know why, but I have never needed anything more.  Please!  J-just touch me, please."